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Galadari Investments Announces Future Project Plans

It Has Begun – Galadari Real Estate Investments Launches First Two Phases of its Commercial Buildings Project.

The Ziad Galadari Group and Galadari & Associates headline the 2008 Ibda’a Media Awards.


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The Ziad Galadari Group is one of the UAE’s largest and most respected privately owned companies. Strong leadership and sustainable funding has allowed it to grow into one of the largest investment, trading, construction, printing, and packaging, engineering, real estate and catering conglomerates in the UAE. With headquarters in Dubai, it now has more diverse operations in industrial and business fields than almost any other similar group in the region.

The family name has been a fixture in the UAE business community since the 1960’s but it has been Ziad Galadari who has developed his group the furthest, currently diversifying into 32 major companies, some of which rank among the largest and most active in the region.


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